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Career Transition Management


Designed for adults who lack a clear career direction, or need to explore career options yet undiscovered. It is especially helpful for those who find themselves burned out and with no insight into where to go, or what to do with the rest of their lives. We take each person from where they are at the moment - their education, skills, and interests, and give them new career alternatives.

The program is also designed for individuals taking early retirement who want to explore and plan their career and personal goals.


For new or recent college graduates, Career Executive Options has established a highly practical, strategically planned job development system. Professional job search specialists and support personnel are assigned to each candidate to provide personalized job marketing assistance. This system uses a team approach to enable candidates to make a positive and rapid transition to the private employment sector.

Cost of Service: Both programs are individualized to meet the special career development needs of each Client. A personal or telephone interview is conducted to determine the appropriate program design.

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