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Corporate Training

If you feel that your company's potential is much greater than it is...You're Right!

Career Executive Options Inc. has the necessary skills that everyone in the company can benefit from. You can get results from us! Your company can increase productivity as well as company morale. Please take a moment to review the list below of our training courses we have for the company, employee or management. Let us know which classes you would be interested in and one of our trainers will call you back.


  • Overcoming Fear of Rejection
  • How to Get Instant Rapport
  • How to Read Buying Signals
  • Super Sales Techniques
  • Cross Selling


  • Leadership and Motivation
  • Increasing Productivity
  • Building High Performance Teams
  • Empowering Strategies for Managers
  • Functions of Management
  • Interview Techniques
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Rebuilding Commitment After Down sizing

Employee Development

  • Career Decision Making
  • Effective Time Management
  • Personal Goal Setting
  • Career and Personal Enrichment
  • Working with Your Supervisor
  • Self-Image Psychology


  • Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Customer Relations
  • Improving Listening Skills
  • Communication Styles
  • Phone Etiquette
  • Artful Negotiating
  • Better Business Writing

Human Relations

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Team Building
  • Handling Employee Complaints
  • Coping with Difficult People
  • Managing Personal & Job Stress
  • Confronting Job Burnout
  • Cooperation & Commitment

    Personal Development

    • Unemployed? Solution!
    • The Importance of Professionalism
    • Benefits of Having a Professional Image Inside and Out

      We can also customize the courses for exactly what you need to get your full potential! For a full list of training courses we offer, please contact us.

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