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Recommended Group Size: 6-12 participants, Inclusive Program
Cost of Program: Based on number of participants and selected services

Non-exempt employees such as clerical, administrative, production and other support personnel are resilient and generally have more job opportunities than any other employment group. However, they need the competitive advantage of all the basic tools and processes to conduct a successful job search. A quality resume is a must for all, and interview training is highly beneficial for those in more competitive positions. The same holds true for many who need help with identifying and packaging their skill sets, working with employment agencies, and conducting their job search using a variety of methods, especially the Internet

To meet their needs, we offer one or two day workshops that are informative, interactive and fun. We recommend one-day workshops for individuals in traditional jobs, and two-day workshops for those required to make a career change due to economic conditions, or personal issues. Workshops are tailored to address the needs of each group. Although we cover all the basics, we encourage participants to guide us on the depth of coverage, and time spent on each topic. Flexibility ensures the specific requirements of the group are met, with time left for speaking to concerns of individuals

Recommended Program Topics:

Talking About Personal Issues
Coming to terms with the loss of the job - How to cope with personal and family issues
Where to go for help - Identifying community support services to help with financial and educational needs

Planning the Job Search
Secrets of professionals in the Search Industry - How to apply their proven job search techniques
Is there a "Hidden Job Market?" Where is it and how to find it using the media and Internet

Drafting a Marketing Profile Resume
What do employers want? Meeting the needs of employers by highlighting your qualifications, relating transferable skills and developing power packed statements.
Your resume is a self-marketing tool. How to utilize your resume as a marketing tool for a personalized job search campaign

It's just a conversation between people who want the same thing! Developing confidence, building rapport, preparing for the really tough questions, enjoying and using the experience for the next interview.
Negotiating a win, win closure and what to do next - Taking important steps that can land the job offer!

Evaluating Personal Assets
What do I have to offer? Building self-esteem - Reviewing experiences and discovering marketable and transferable skills. Thinking about skills and abilities, personality characteristics, and work style

Exploring Job Options
What else can I do? Reviewing labor market trends, discovering career alternatives, educational opportunities, and resource materials. Focusing on your job search and what you really want to do

Communication Skills
"Getting to know you!" Learning simple, yet successful techniques for building instant rapport with the interviewer
Fear of Phoning - Methods for conquering the fear of calling employers

Developing An Action Plan
Finding a support group and network - Learning from others, how to follow-up and learning methods for How am I doing? How to monitor progress, and techniques for staying focused, and maintaining motivation and self-discipline

  • Workshop Format
  • Career Transition Manual
  • Marketing Profile Resume
  • Laser Prints
  • Cover Letter/Envelopes
  • Personal Letterhead
  • References
  • Individual Sessions
  • Video Taped Interview
  • Computer Profile of Target Employers
  • Target Industry Fax Campaign
  • Outplacement Marketing Bulletin
  • Telephone Marketing Campaign
  • Website Resume Posting
  • Group E-mail Marketing Campaign
  • Individual E-mail Marketing Campaign
  • Internet Job Site Directory
  • Job Support Center

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