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Career Executive Options is owned and operated by career management professionals, not sales people or business investors. We do not use canned, "one size fits all" job search techniques, or work book facilitation programs. Our professional experience, wisdom and style offer YOU, the job seeker or YOU, the corporate manager, a competitive edge that gets results. Whether you are looking for services for yourself, employer or employees, the following unique aspects of our programs will make the difference.

• Certification in the administration and interpretation of career, vocational, and personality assessments and their interpretation ensures better career and personal choices. This is especially critical in assisting those who want to make a transition from one career to an entirely different one. Our expertise is pivotal in helping to identify marketable, transferable skills that will be essential in securing new employment as quickly as possible.

• Job marketing strategies are tailor-designed to match each client's unique personality, work style, and job target. No trial and error, no scattergun approach.

• Search campaigns that generate interviews from a vast employer network, and personal contacts by our Staff on your behalf. Not only do we educate, motivate, and consult, we act to place you face-to-face with employers.

• Our team, plus your commitment creates the powerful combination that will guarantee your success.

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