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Individual Outplacement

Established to meet the employment needs of executives and managers who are unable to qualify for Corporate Outplacement assistance. Also directed to professionals who have found limited job opportunities through employment agencies.

This program provides selected clients with a proven job search marketing system to develop and manage their marketing campaign. Through computerized marketing support and aggressive job search strategies, clients are able to secure employment within approximately one-third of the time of conventional methods.

Individual Outplacement provides clients with a state-of-the-art marketing system and a motivational environment in which to conduct a productive job search campaign. Professional consultants are assigned to each individual to manage their job marketing campaign until satisfying employment is secured.

Cost of service: The fee for Individual Outplacement is the responsibility of the individual client, unless the client has a corporate sponsor. The fee is based on a sliding scale associated with the individual's employment and salary level.

Individual Outplacement is only available to individuals working in positions at and above the professional level, including supervisors, managers, directors and executives. To be considered for Individual Outplacement a personal interview is required to evaluate the individual's work history and employment marketing potential. The personal interview and career evaluation includes two assessments: The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Self Directed Search. This evaluation process is conducted in two sessions and requires approximately two hours. A fee of $35.00 is assessed to address the cost of the personal interview, assessments administered and career evaluation.

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