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Managerial and professional personnel are key members of any organization. Many start their careers near the bottom of the corporate ladder and are molded into professional or managerial positions over their years of service. Some have never looked for employment outside of their former employer and others have only pursued advertised jobs in the same industry. Few have the knowledge in how to look for employment that is unadvertised and outside of their industry, which represents 80% of all available employment.

Career Executive Options provides unlimited, one-on-one coaching to help each individual succeed. The program is based on his/her personal employment need and is implemented through individualized sessions. We lead each one in analyzing work experiences to identify strengths, abilities, transferable skills and accomplishments to build self-esteem and a professional resume. Interview training is also essential in practicing learned skills and techniques that will maximize employment opportunities.

Individuals at the mid-level point in their careers often have high family related responsibilities and limited financial resources. Career Executive Options is very conscience of their need to find new employment in the shortest time. Every effort is made to discover and address potential problems and develop strategies that will expedite the job search process.

Program Outline
  • Outplacement Preparation and Management
    • CCEO's Services, Letter of Introduction to Employees
    • On-site Termination Counseling
    • Crisis Intervention Counseling Sessions
    • Support Services (Government/Community)
    • Financial Counseling
    • Monthly Status Reports

  • Career & Personal Evaluation
    • Personalized Career Assessment Battery
    • Discovering Marketable Skills, Management & Work Style
    • Identifying Alternative Career Options
    • Reviewing Labor Market Trends
    • Personal Profile & Job Evaluation Report

  • Job Development Training
    • Mastering Job Search Strategies
    • Drafting a Marketing Profile Resume (Written by Professional Staff)
    • Writing Marketing Letters (Edited by Professional Staff)
    • Dynamics of Interviewing
      • - Videotaped Interview
      • - The Art of Negotiating
    • Succeeding in a New Corporate Culture
    • Marketing Strategy Sessions (Unlimited One-on-one Counseling)

  • Marketing Support Services
    • Fourteen (14) Million Employer Data Base
    • The Internet Job Network
    • Internet Job Site Directory (1000+ sites)
    • Target Industry Fax Campaign
    • Website Resume Posting
    • Outplacement Marketing Bulletin
    • Professional Support Group
    • Administrative Services
    • Direct Mail Campaign
    • Client Resource Center for Job Support
      • - Fax/Mailing Service
      • - Telephone Message Service
    • Individual Work Station
    • Telephone Marketing Campaign
    • E-mail Marketing Campaign
    • Placement/Post Placement

  • Resource Materials
    • Job Search Manual
    • Employment & Motivational Training Tapes

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