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In the U.S. Department of Statistics Report, 2006 it stated, "The Baby Boomer Generation, those born between 1946 and 1966 and turning sixty in 2006 will be among a group of 70 million people by 2030." Currently, eighty percent of Boomers say they want to work in retirement, and five percent or more, are expected to live to be 100 years old. Those are exciting, yet daunting statistics!

With so many people nearing retirement there is concern by employers about the impact this group will have on retirement benefits, pension plans and labor shortages. Unsure about the future, many companies are rethinking their retirement packages and organizational strategies regarding veteran employees. Some companies have already started reducing the size of their work force by offering earlier retirement packages for individuals fifty and older.

As a result of the early retirement trend, employees are required to make early retirement decisions with limited time and information to prepare for the second, and most important phase of their lives. Retirement counseling and coaching is a solid and effective strategy for meeting the challenges of retirement head on.

The goals of retirement coaching: (1) Assist retirees to take charge by setting retirement goals and exit strategies that will get them excited for the next phase in their lives, (2) Help retirees explore and discover their personal and career options, (3) Help them identify and secure a new career that effectively utilizes their experience, abilities, interest, and transferable skills.

Typical of the Boomers is their belief in their ability to impact their own lives and that of others. It is said this group will not go sedately into retirement, but attack their future with enthusiasm, good health, and an indomitable spirit of optimism.

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