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Employment (Staffing) Agencies:

Statistically place less than 15% of the labor force. Their concentration is primarily skilled clerical and manual labor applicants. They can occasionally be helpful to new college graduates lacking direction and just wanting a job. Most placements are in the salary range of $6.00 to $15.00 an hour. Fees are paid by the employer and based on a 30% ++ mark-up of the candidate's hourly wage.

Employment may be either temporary or permanent. Permanent employment is generally filled through a temp to perm marketing concept, where the candidate is employed by the staffing agency and contracted to the employer for a specified length of time. A few agencies still charge the candidate for placement and the fee may range from 20% to 30% of the gross annual salary. However, when the fee is paid by the candidate the agency must be licensed by the Oklahoma Department of Labor.

Note: Agencies do not search for jobs for individuals; agencies search for an individual from a database of hundreds of unemployed hourly workers to present to their client (the employer).

Executive Search:

Focus on professional and technical positions with salaries generally above $40K in the southwest, higher in the east or west. The Search firm becomes an extension of the Human Resource Department of the client company and must adhere to HR's parameters in their search for qualified candidates. Search firms should always be a part of your marketing plan if you qualify.

You should understand, however, Search firms do not market candidates to companies. The candidate becomes part of the Search firm's inventory, to be utilized when hired by a company to conduct a search. Individuals who are unemployed, making a career change, or with less than perfect credentials are seldom helped by this service. The may fee range from 10% to 30% of the candidate's gross annual salary and is paid by the client company.

Note: Search firms may also be referred to as "Headhunters," which means they recruit employed candidates directly from companies in the same industry. They specifically recruit individuals that perform the same job duties outlined in the job order of the hiring company.

Self Marketing:

The job search method used by most of the general public. Even when well connected, job seekers find this method unpredictable and unreliable. Although they eventually find employment, the search can be lengthy and frustrating. The best positions are rarely found using such conventional methods as newspaper ads, mass mailing resumes to companies, searching the Internet, and talking to friends/acquaintances.

Ninety percent of job seekers are competing for less than twenty percent of the available positions. Job seekers run the risk of ending up in the wrong position, underpaid, or under-employed. The better positions will normally be filled before a company has to advertise or hire a recruiter. Self-marketing is especially difficult for those needing or wanting a career change. Without direction and focus, career changers are at a huge disadvantage in finding a proper fit and may feel that they must start over at or near entry level.

Corporate & Private Out Placement:

Outplacement is a term coined in the early 80's. Companies became driven to increase profits, which meant reducing personnel in many cases. There were acquisitions, mergers, leveraged buy outs, hostile takeovers and asset stripping of companies like never before in our history. The days of joining a good company after college and retiring thirty years later ended. In its early stages Out placement was only offered to top executives and professionals.

Today, it's made available to all levels of management and professional employees, from entry level to the CEO. This service provides displaced employees with a proven job search methodology plus a support staff of professionals who help market them to local and national employers. Experienced job specialists and job search resources are available to each client, and a personal re-employment strategy is developed setting short and long-term goals.

All tested and proven job search methods are utilized. Through computerized marketing support and aggressive search strategies, clients are able to secure employment within approximately one-third the time of self-marketing job seekers. Outplacement provides its clients with state-of-the-art marketing, interviews, employer contacts, job leads, research, clerical support, and a motivational environment in which to participate in a successful search campaign.

Note: Since Outplacement is sponsored (fee paid) by the individual's former employer, then the individual assumes the status of the "Client" and the Out placement Service responsibility is to help this "Client" find and secure a new job.

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