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Services For Individuals

Services For Individuals

Perhaps you have worked for several years and discovered that your job is not fulfilling, or just not paying enough to satisfy your needs. Or, you may be unemployed due to corporate downsizing or re-entering the job market following an extended leave. You might be a high school or college student who is approaching graduation without having decided what the next step will be.

Career Executive Options provides job placement assistance, and professional consulting in educational guidance, career counseling, vocational testing and career development. In one central location, are all the resources you will need to fulfill your career aspirations, plus a state-of-the-art career resource center. Our professional staff members are cross-trained in career testing, career consulting, resume writing and employment assistance.

Note: If you have been released from you job recently, you may be entitled to Outplacement services paid by your former employer. Contact CEO for a review of your severance package to determine if you qualify for Outplacement Services.

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